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My internship was well-rounded and a dynamic experience. I was primarily dedicated to our Minnesota State Fair project, which is the second-largest state fair in the United States. My role involved experiential design for our booth, and live audience. I was tasked with designing and producing vinyl banners that enhanced the overall experience.


Experiential Design

Print Material 


Research and Process

When I was tasked with designing for the bleachers at WCCO, I was fortunate to have a lot of creative freedom. The only requirement was that my design needed to align with the branding we had established in our booth in previous years. This gave me the opportunity to explore various design solutions, and as a team, we had discussions about what worked and what didn't.


For my design solution, I decided to use the color blue as the background for my step and repeat pattern. This choice allowed me to maintain a strong connection to WCCO's core branding. I also incorporated the colors we had used in our previous brand experiences, for the silhouette of Minnesota. The end result was a backdrop that is fun, inevitable, and on top of that, the contrast looked fantastic on television!

This t-shirt is for our production team and anyone assisting. On the back, I've Incorporated an illustrated representation of WCCO's headquarters in downtown Minneapolis. We opted for neutral colors to ensure that this attire is suitable for all genders and doesn't draw attention away from the production process.

Team T-Shirts

WEB and Giveaway Products

You can find the website graphics on our page at (as of 2023). These graphics not only showcase the giveaway products we have in store but also excites viewers to visit our booth at the Minnesota State Fair.


This slideshow highlights the work I contributed to our in-person booth experience and live shows. It has been truly amazing to witness individuals like Naz Reid from the Minnesota Timberwolves, actor Josh Duhamel, NASA engineer Josh Cassada, Senator Amy Klobuchar, and many other notable figures experience my design work during the Minnesota State Fair.

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