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The idea is for companies or independent companies to create variations within their outsole so people can leave their mark. The current design is the woman’s symbol. Women across the world are still fighting for their rights and ability to be in power.


Social Action

Product Design

Research and Ideation



“Take The Step” is a concept for exploring the tools of leaving your mark. This Outsole allows the consumer to have their voice heard everywhere they go.

Product Design

The concept is, you pay for this certain outsole and a portion of the profit goes to the woman’s rights movement and you as the buyer get to imprint what you care about into the ground. 

Expansion idea #1 :

The design could differentiate between what society needs and what society wants. This project, The Take The Step could vary from Women's rights to Black Lives Matter, to Climate Change to helping our Oceans, to Saving our Forests. A portion of the profit from the outsole goes to these issues, and the consumer gets to be heard everywhere they go.


Expansion Idea #2: 

The outsole could be interchangeable, you could velcro or clip the outsole onto a shoe, but if you decide to buy another pair of outsoles with a different design, you would be able to take the old outsole off, and place a new one on without having to buy a new pair of shoes. 

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